Access Control Systems – Are They for You?

In a commercial environment or office building, there’s always the question of how to balance security without taking a toll on productivity. In residential buildings, the question is how to keep the place secure without suffocating the tenants. There’s also the question of how to keep a high level of security without obstructing the entrance of temporary visitors who cannot always be checked.

The answer to all these and even more similar questions is given by access control systems. In other words, systems that control access and thus give you the chance to have a saying on who is coming and who is going. We are talking about electronic systems, like card readers, biometrics, fobs. And these days, they are far more flexible than before.

Basics of access control systems

cardPeople use a tag, which is identified by the electronic system – something like a card, and allows them access. On the part of the electronic device, there’s a reader. The one that reads the tag. And if it identifies it, it grants access. The lock opens or not, depending on whether the person’s tag is identified as authorized to go through. And there’s also a controller on the system – that’s where all the data is collected.

The main benefits of access control systems?  Plenty. They allow you to decide on access. They increase security. And access leaves audit trails. You know who went where and when. Another benefit is that such systems work well with temporary employees and visitors, who must have a temporary card which will be erased later on. As a matter of fact, everything about access can change. And that’s the good thing about these systems. They adapt to your current security needs. And allow you to control a building without paralyzing traffic.

Who needs access control systems?

Access control systems are ideal for all big buildings – residential, commercial, office. Where there are a lot of people coming and going, there’s also a need to control access without risking security. And vice versa. There’s a need for high security without risking access control management. Such systems have proven very helpful to those who prioritized security. And to those who wanted an entry solution for a cleaning crew, deliveries, and temporary visitors without risking security.

The demand for access control installation increases

buzzerThe need to have access control is important now more than ever. The main reasons?

  • The pandemic created fears. And raised the need for touchless doors and entry systems. For this reason alone, biometrics with facial recognition started gaining in popularity.
  • While screening people for health purposes at main commercial entrances is a must, this process may slow down the operations. The latest systems identify the person but also the person’s temperature.
  • Recent systems provide remote control, surveillance, and alert methods. They provide the possibility of visitor management – a very important factor for one-time visitors that must be screened for both weapons and their health condition. The system becomes invaluable in places, where 24/7 physical security is not possible.

Access control systems are needed in all buildings, where people come and go, live or work, visit. While traditionally these systems made controlling access easy, today they serve all other needs we saw above. In an age, when security is always questioned and the rest of the problems humanity experiences – money & health-related, bring a new tsunami of security fears, controlling access becomes an invaluable asset to all big buildings, commercial most of all.