Big Building Security, Best Steps for Enhanced Peace of Mind

Working and living in peace, without looking over your shoulder, without panicking every time you go in and out, without burdening your life with extra anxieties seem to be difficult today. One would think that in a world, where there’s an abundance of everything, security-related fears would have been fallen nearly into oblivion. Quite the contrary.

The bigger the building, the bigger the concerns. That’s because the entry points multiply. The number of people coming and going also multiplies. All terrorist attacks and violent acts that took place in recent history have made people suspicious. Nobody trusts anybody! Neighbors live side by side and they don’t even say hello. Workplaces have turned into modern Fort Knoxes in an attempt to stop the one man out of thousand from acting out violently, from spreading fear, terror, and panic.

A couple of locks that would mean the world in different times, nowadays mean little. Security cameras without someone monitoring them, without an alarm system to go off – if needed, mean little. So, what’s the path to our peace of mind when it comes to big building security?

Exterior big building security solutions

With big buildings, there’s a need to make the everyday life of the tenants easy and still control access. No wonder most big buildings have access control systems. These may be in the form of a simple intercom or a more complex telephone entry system. Depending on the entrance point, access may be achieved with proximity cards or biometrics.

The important thing is to keep all entry points around the building well-secured. This means high-security door locks all over – not just in the main entrance. To make all these entrances even safer, there’s a need for ample light and surveillance cameras. But these shouldn’t be fake systems but real ones that record, save, and reproduce sound and image.

The whole point with entry points is to give people the chance to quickly unlock and get in, while this should happen in a well-lit and monitored environment.

Many big buildings have exterior spaces and parking lots. These should be well-protected too, with good lights, CCTV systems, and motion sensors.

Since commercial and office buildings are visited by many people each day apart from the employees – customers, temporary workers, one-time visitors, cleaning crews, etc., barrier checkpoints with metal detectors make a difference.

It is actually the combination of all these things that makes exterior big building security possible.

Interior big building security suggestions

biometric locksIndoors, there are some common places, where people meet, like a reception hall in an office building or a laundry room in a residential building. Since they are open spaces, these places usually lack locks but security cameras would work well.

There are also some areas, which may be common for some and restricted to others. This is common practice in office and commercial buildings mostly. And these areas can be well controlled and conveniently used by those authorized to do so with access control systems. Such systems are ideal for both exterior and interior security. With the right electronics, you decide who enters which room and you know the when.  At the same time, you keep the rest of the employees or visitors outside. The simpler form of that would be a master key lock system – one with one or more master keys and as many doors as you want to be keyed accordingly.

In a big building with many offices or apartments, the tenants are also responsible for the security of their property. Good high-security locks, anti-theft devices, cameras, and light detectors all make a difference.

It makes sense to say that the corridors and all common spaces – even if only used as passages and walkways, should be monitored too with cameras. And they should be bright – good lights are good for the mind and soul, and excellent deterrents too.

It makes sense to say that all these devices and locks get old and they may become damaged. It makes sense to say that new devices come out and new ways are discovered for even better security as time goes by. To keep having peace of mind in a big building, you need to remain updated and keep making improvements, or let a locksmith do that for you.