How to Select a Home Security System

Why is it difficult to choose a home security system? Because there are plenty of options. And because you need to consider a lot of things to eliminate the possible security considerations.

The wish everyone shares? If we could only have a guardian to protect us at all times. Or, when we are at our most vulnerable. When is that? It’s odd but that’s when we are away from home. That’s the time most home break-ins happen since the burglars prefer to get in when you are not there. Of course, we are at our most vulnerable when we sleep or take a nice bath. If you think about it, our homes and families are constantly vulnerable. If you consider that we keep talking about home security and keep struggling to increase home security with all types of door locks and deterrents, you can understand how fragile we feel. But this can change. How?

When you combine a handful of home security systems and invest in good high-security locks, things look optimistic. Now, the question is which home security system to get and how to make such important choices!

When it comes to home security systems, there’s no shortage

high-security door locksToday, there’s no shortage of home security systems. There are options to meet several needs in terms of security. While having reliable high-security door locks remains the best way to prevent break-ins, cameras are excellent deterrents.

Of course, it makes sense to have surveillance cameras that can truly record and the footage can be used later on if needed. It’s best if the camera’s footage is seen on a monitor or the image goes straight on your smartphone so that you can take action.

CCTV systems are often a combination of cameras and alarms. The cameras may be triggered to record by motion or you can install a video doorbell with a two-way communication system. Some high-end models also feature a panic button through which authorities are notified. Or, you can get a panic button alone to use it just in case you need to notify the police by pressing one button.

Motion detectors and all kinds of sensors (entry sensors, smoke sensors, etc.) are also used broadly for home security and people’s safety.

Now that you know that there’s an abundance of home security systems, it’s time for you to choose. But how will you do that? Should we focus on the parameters to consider in order to get the right security systems for your home?

Choosing security systems for your home

  • security camerasConsider the size of your home to understand if it’s worth getting motion sensors or how many security cameras you will need. You see, it’s not only about what to get in terms of the system but also how many, what size, what type.
  • What’s your budget? Splurging when it comes to home security is a wise choice, but how about if you cannot but still need to do something to deter potential burglars? It’s best to get something good and wait a while before you invest in a second system than to get poor-quality or fake ones. Then again, it has to do with what’s needed at your home in regard to its vulnerabilities and size. The bigger the home and the more the entry points, the more you’ll spend.
  • When you discuss the budget at home, don’t forget to include the cost of the home security provider. If you are going to get some deterrents, it’s best if they are monitored by someone since this someone will notify the authorities, should it be needed.
  • Think if you need a wireless system or not. The latter will take some drilling for the cables. The former is the best option, given that you know a bit about technology and can download apps.
  • Consider if you need exterior home security systems only or if you want some indoors too. For example, you may want to get glass-break sensors, especially if you have multiple windows. In other words, you may focus on your home’s vulnerable spots – lots of windows, lots of doors.
  • Then, what’s your ultimate goal? Do you want to scare potential burglars and so security cameras at the main entry points will suffice? Or, do you want complete protection from intruders, like getting the whole package of cameras, sensors, and alarms?
  • And how about your own home and its automation? Is it a simple family home? Or, have you already entered the world of the internet of things (IoT) and want to add to your home automation system? If you are already there, there are plenty of deterrents that can become part of the whole automated residential world of yours.