Long Term Home Security – How to Make it Happen

Wouldn’t it be great if the word ‘break-in’ and the word ‘burglar’ didn’t exist? If we could all close our door behind us without worrying that an intruder may soon open it? At one point back in time, this was a rare concern. Today, it’s mainstream.

New locks are tried and tested for their resistance so that the burglars could be prevented from walking into our homes and lives – let them break the lock as long as they don’t manage to break into our private sphere. The ideas for new locking systems never stop. But the smarter locks get, the smarter burglars become too. And when we thought that the smart locks would make this small revolution we all wanted and expected for years, we now fear cyberattacks – how secure is our smart home? And don’t forget that the new home lock technology didn’t eradicate the old problems. Smart locks can still be broken and drilled.

And while all these things are happening, we are getting older and more tired. If we could only have this magic recipe to change the world – if not the entire world, let’s change our very own. Can we do it?

Break-ins occur every few seconds. Shouldn’t we change that?

Is it a midnight’s summer dream to think that there’ll come a day when we’ll feel safe in our home and the chance of anyone breaking in would be one in a million?

This is probably a thought belonging to a different – rather utopian, world. In this world, break-ins happen now as we speak. And will happen again in 30 seconds (before you finish reading this content). If that doesn’t ring a bell that we must take things into our own hands, what will?

The truth is that every household does its best to secure the home in the most efficient possible way. There’s no doubt about that. Who would ever want to experience a break-in? Still, break-ins happen. And so, this means that there’s something we don’t do right. Should we turn things around?

Let’s start by changing the way we are thinking, then we change the locks

Change starts with an idea. And while it is the experts and the locksmiths that do all the hard work, we are expected to put things into motion. Let me explain. What often happens is that we are trapped in our own heads. Before we experience a break-in, we think that these things happen only to other people. Or, we believe that we have the power to face intruders – if and when. But in real terms, things are different. First of all, it’s never wise to mess with intruders. Let the authorities do it. That’s why it’s always best to subscribe to professional monitoring of a home security system just in case someone breaks in or attempts to break in.

It’s noticed that those who have concerns take measures and those who take measures often drive intruders away. You may think that installing a home security system along with surveillance cameras and signs for their existence is a small thing, but such measures will likely make potential burglars think twice before they attempt to break into such a home.

Help your high-security door locks keep you safe

You most likely have read, heard, and discussed all the basic things you can do to increase home securitydoor lock and hence, avoid burglaries. Let us refresh your memory.

  • Get good locks for all doors around the house – the best possible high-security door locks
  • Do the same for the windows, the patio doors – all main entry points
  • DO lock these doors and windows and do so even if you are home, even if it’s daytime
  • Get all types of sensors – sensors to detect motion, carbon monoxide, smoke, high temperatures, et cetera
  • Get security cameras and alarms (see if you need a permit in your location) and get real ones – not dummies
  • Sign up to have professional monitoring
  • Prepare a treat for a burglar – a decoy, if you will, with some costume jewelry and cash
  • Get better doors and windows and keep renewing their locks occasionally
  • Don’t forget to keep your private life private, and never say what you plan to do with your family on social media

The secret to keeping our home secure and our family safe both now and ever is to stay alert. This means that we should keep up with the latest home security systems, make sure everything works perfectly, upgrade the equipment once in a while, and keep the number of emergency authorities and emergency locksmith companies on speed dial. And don’t forget: always keep in the back of your head that your home could be the next target. This would keep you on your toes – and safe.