Rekey Locks

Stolen keys? Call us. The goal of Locksmith Vancouver is to provide solutions to ensure security. So when keys are stolen or even lost, we don’t simply replace them. We rekey locks in Vancouver instead to make sure nobody in possession of your original key will ever break-in. And our team responds urgently. Count on us if your key was stolen at the most inconvenient hours. Trust that our locksmith in Vancouver will rekey your cylinder lock in no time.Rekey Locks Vancouver

What happens during lock rekeying?

What changes during lock rekeying is not the actual lock but its pins. What’s good about pin and tumbler locks is that their configuration can change. Cylinder locks have pins inside their mechanism. When the key enters, some of them are pushed upwards and some are pushed downwards. This allows the opening and locking of the door. But the key edges and grooves must perfectly match the pin configuration. Since our intention is to enable the lock to only work with a different key from the original one, what’s needed is pin and key change.

Available to offer fast lock rekey in Vancouver

We use a key replacement to cut it in accordance to the new pin pattern. And we replace the existing lock pins to fit the new key. With experience in all re-keyed locks, we can do the work to your full expectations. Since the way pins are placed determines key insertion, we can also help you with the master key system.

Count on us if you want to rekey locks before you move to a new house or office in Vancouver. That’s another occasion when you will need our assistance. Lock rekeying is equally important to your security when an ex-tenant moves out of your apartment or an employee is dismissed. Every time you want to make sure that you are the one and only proprietor of your keys, let us rekey locks in Vancouver, British Columbia. Rely on our expert work and fast assistance.