Residential Locksmith

As an experienced residential locksmith in Vancouver, British Columbia, our professionals can help you with trouble but also reinforce home security. Do you need lock repair urgently? You can count on our mobile experts to offer assistance no matter what you need. From lockouts and broken cylinders to lost keys and burglary repairs, we handle all urgent problems 24/7. Locksmith Vancouver is the well-equipped company you can trust to change the old locks, install high security systems, and offer the best solutions in an effort to increase security.Residential Locksmith Vancouver

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Taking preventive measures to avoid burglaries is an excellent idea. Although crime in Vancouver is rather low, property crime rates are still at pretty high levels. We can install locks of all types and totally respect your demands, but we can also make some recommendations based on your property’s needs. Not all doors and windows need the same type of locks. Do you need ANSI grade 1 locks for your front door? Looking for grade 2 locking systems for the upper floor doors? Whichever type and branded lock you choose, our Vancouver residential locksmith experts can install it.

We cover your 24 hour locksmith home needs

But we don’t only replace locks when you want to reinforce security. We also help you with any urgent need 24/7. Was your house burgled? Is one of the main locks damaged? Did you lose your keys? Each case is treated differently, but fast. Our services range from urgent house lock change to repairs, key replacement and lock rekeying. We can open your door, fix a deadbolt problem and make new keys.

If you are planning to move to a new house, call us to check the security system of the new property and help you make the right changes. If the system is relatively new and in good condition, we usually just suggest lock rekey. This way, you will feel certain that no ex-tenant will ever walk into your new home. But we are also here to install new alarm systems and locks, help you with your decisions, and do any required repair work. Call us anytime with your house lock needs!